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Human beings have long associated gemstones with special powers, such as healing, inspiring, bringing wealth, happiness and love.

That is why gemstones in Feng Shui are often used to attract specific energies. The right display or wearing of stones is thought to act as a talisman, and deflect negative energy.

Because gems and gems are formed through a long natural process in the earth, they accumulate the essence of heaven and earth, so they contain the energy of the Five Elements of Feng Shui. Therefore gemstones can be used in the home, office or worn on the feng-shui to bring luck, health and prosperity.

Dung Tan Trade and Tourism Center currently displays and sells thousands of gemstone products, diverse in types, shapes and origins. Feng shui stone products such as Quartz of all colors: white, pink, yellow, purple, smoke, black, hair … to the lines of Canxedon, Agate, Marble, Carpentry and jade … places on the Vietnamese strip. In particular, many unique stone products are imported from foreign countries such as Myanmar, Brazil, China, Pakistan … such as jade, jade, hair quartz …

Here, you have many choices of feng shui stone products for yourself, relatives or as gifts. From pristine natural products, or simply crafted products such as colorful quartz bridges, towering towers to elaborate, elaborate, crafted products. of artisans such as “Cuu Long painting Chau” “Long tide of the tide”, “Tam Duong Khai Thai”, “Son of charming water” … Images of Dragon, Phuong, Long Quy, Bamboo, Ginseng, Peach Blossom The form … shows up vividly, with many colors, looks, thin lines, details … to meet the most demanding requirements of customers.